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Where's Waldo...or FIFC Tampa Market?


Everybody take a deep We have not been kidnapped by aliens, nor have we gone out of business. Trust us, we are fully alive and operating. Freedom Isn't Free Coffee realizes our wonderful, local Tampa Oldsmar Market clients we met early this summer have been up in arms wondering why our temporary stint there was more temporary than people thought...couple things, one fantastic, one surprising...

For those lovely Tampa locals (who are among the regular, many thousands of people who frequent this famous Market each season), there are some Market norms to be expected: amazing local art/goods and food found nowhere else; creative and quirky shops and shop owners; an incredibly diverse flood of people who love to shop there and just hang out; and...the heat. THE FLORIDA HEAT. Luckily for our wonderful patrons, there are myriad of great food and cold drinks to stave off the sweat for the short time you enjoy the market. Unfortunately, Market vendors are surprisingly (as well as disappointingly) unable to enjoy those same benefits. There are strange policies in place that don't allow for a/c to be utilized for any Market vendor. True, this local staple has been operating successfully for many years, but for those with a keen eye, presence is much lower in the summer season (both patrons and vendors) for obvious reasons, lol. Freedom Isn't Free Coffee realized, all factors taken into account, that more impact could be made during the summer season by thinking outside the box...

For the fantastic thing---FIFC retains all of its main online operations to ensure our loyal gourmet coffee clients have constant access to our gourmet blends anytime they need to refill, try a new flavor, or send a gift for birthdays, holidays, corporate events, etc. We have received an incredible influx of subscribers, new clients, and suggestions on military and veteran facilities in various towns/cities and ideas to help support them. FIFC decided to take what could have been a negative and turned it into an amazing positive, by taking FIFC on the road for the official FIFC Summer Gourmet Coffee Road Trip---bringing our fantastic gourmet coffees and dedication to our nation's veterans/military to towns around the country. We first headed to the CVMA National Veterans Motorcycle Association convention in beautiful Louisville, Ky...the response was incredible. Our non-profit partners Resilient Knights were on-hand and fantastic! We then decided to head to the Mid-West and are currently in gorgeous Minneapolis-area, MN...home of the Mall of America and 10,000 lakes! Pics of FIFC on the road are coming very shortly...keep a lookout...

Don't worry...Tampa, FL is the home-base, local operations for Freedom Isn't Free Coffee...we will be returning in the fall to resume our Oldsmar Market presence for the convenience of our local patrons and to enjoy all the comraderies we have built and want to generate. If you are in one of these towns this summer, drop us an email so we know! In the meantime, don't forget FIFC gourmet coffee is always available online anytime...have a safe, fun summer...and stay tuned for more news and happenings!

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