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We're Baaaack!! Did you miss us?!

We know, we know...FIFC seemingly took a sudden sabbatical after our Summer Road Trip event (visiting different towns to introduce them to our military-supporting gourmet coffee brand). In a way, we did---those things really do work when you truly need one...

Due to the ongoing challenges and growing issues we (and many companies across America) have faced, our supply chain was heavily disrupted, causing major problems in acquiring and delivery of our goods and services. FIFC made the tough decision to take some time to re-evaluate our business processes and vendor relationships closely; this time allowed us to reorganize and find alternate vendors and supply chains that worked better with our processes, allowing us to continue on and provide our great customers with the best gourmet coffee blends while supporting our military veterans and first responders!

We are happy to announce we are back at our favorite place, the gigantic Oldsmar Flea Market, in our hometown of Tampa, FL! Drop in for a free sample of one of our great brews-of-the-day and smell the beans of every gourmet blend we offer---we want our customers to smell what they're getting. Hey, you wouldn't buy a sofa without at least sitting on it first, right? We've also moved to a more convenient location---we're now in Building C-West, Booth #11...closer to the front entrance. We're so glad to be back...see you there!

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