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Freedom Isn't Free Coffee LLC Partners with Resilient Knights

Freedom isn't free coffee LLC will be donating 10% of it's sales proceeds to Resilient Knights, a Veterans non profit that works with traumatic head injuries sustained by Veterans and First Responders.

Freedom isn't free coffee LLC has teamed up with veteran and first responders non profit Resilient Knights. This agreement shall be implemented immediate. Proceeds from each sale of Freedom isn't free coffee will be donated to Resilient Knights.

Freedom isn't free coffee LLC is excited to be working and supporting such a great cause in Resilient Knights

10% of all proceeds from your purchase will go directly to support our military members with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Resilient Knights is a non profit started by SGM Thomas Eidschun(RET) of the Special Operations Community. Their vision is to help military transitioning to the civilian world with the unique wounds of war like PTS and TBI through the concept of peer to peer support combined with the arts like woodworking. They also believe that it is essential for Veterans to stay close to the community and to help those struggling, and in that process will provide healing to themselves.

At Freedom isn't Free Coffee LLC, it is our family mission to understand the sacrifice and support the communities affected by the fight.

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